LuddyFest Research Horizons 2018

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Amr Sabry
Chair, Computer Science

Keynote Speakers:

Ian Rogers
Group Chief Digital Officer at LVMH
Christopher Raphael
Professor of Informatics
Head of the Music Informatics Program
  General Victor E. “Gene” Renuart
United States Air Force (Retired)
ARI Chairman

Special Guest:

Sean Wang
Fudan University, School of Computer Science


Technical Program

Thursday, April 12 9:00AM-5:00PM, Luddy Hall Room 1106

9:00AM Opening, Vice Provost for Research Rick Van Kooten

CS Chair Amr Sabry, From Traditions to the Future

Address from Vice President for Research Fred Cate

Fudan CS Dean Sean Wang, Some Research Thrusts at the School of Computer Science, Fudan University


9:45AM-9:55AM Coffee Break


9:55AM-10:30AM HPC/Big Data Computing

Geoffrey Fox, High-Performance Big Data Computing: International, National, and Local initiatives

Jeremy Siek, The State of the Art in Gradually Typed Languages

Thomas Sterling, Big Red Infinity

Martin Swany, Network Systems Engineering – Intelligence in the Network

Judy Qiu, Harp-Daal: A High Performance Big Data Analytics Framework for HPC-Cloud

(10 MIN) Alumnus Matthias Felleisen, Language-oriented programming


10:30AM – 10:50AM Ed Robertson, Computer Science: The Early Lindley Years


10:50AM-11:00AM: Coffee Break


11:00AM-12:00PM Keynote – Ian Rogers


12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch Break


1:00PM-1:45PM Trustworthy Computing in the Modern Era

Yan Huang, End Data Breaches with Extreme-Scale Secure Multiparty Computation

Ryan Henry, Access-Pattern Privacy for Blockchains

Raquel Hill, Semantic Security and Privacy

Apu Kapadia, Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Cameras: When Electronic Privacy gets Physical

Sameer Patil, Making Online Privacy Management Usable and Effective

Christena Nippert-Eng, Camouflage: Principles of Digital Deception

Devan Ray Donaldson, The Trust in Archives-Trust in Digital Archival Content (TIA-TDAC) Framework


1:45pm-2:00pm Coffee Break


2:00PM-2:40PM Data Driven Computing and Analysis

Qin Zhang, Communication-Efficient Distributed Computation

Dana Habeeb, Environmental Informatics for Health Change

Filippo Menczer, You Won’t Believe How You can be manipulated on Social Media!

Katy Börner,Market Gap Analysis: Discrepancies and Delay between Science and Technology Developments, Educational Offerings, and Job Market Needs

Staša Milojevic, Science of Science

Yong-Yeol Ahn, Data Science for the Future of Work and Opioid Epidemic

(10 MIN) Alumna Valkyrie Savage, 3D Printing Interactive Devices


2:40PM-2:50PM Coffee Break


2:50PM-3:50PM Keynote – Chris Raphael
with special appearances from violinist Brenda Brenner, Chair of Music Education at Jacobs School of Music, and clarinetist Samantha Johnson, doctoral student with Howard Klug

4:00PM-5:00PM  Renaissance Engineer: Dean Raj Acharya, Philip Beesley, Ge Wang, Katy Börner, and Ian Rogers


Friday, April 13 9AM-1:00PM, Luddy Hall 0117

9:00AM-9:45AM Towards Better Health

(10 MIN) Alumnus Anand Deshpande, TBD

(10 MIN) Pedja Radivojac, Towards Precision Medicine and Precision Health

Haixu Tang, Computational Mass Spectrometry

Katie Siek, If You Build It

Gregory Lewis, Studying Traumatic Stress with Advanced Biosensors

Paul Macklin, High-Throughput Computational Studies in Disease and Tissue Engineering

Maria Bondnesson, Testing Strategies to Identify Toxic Environmental Pollutants


9:45AM-10:00AM Coffee Break


10:00AM-10:55AM Intelligent and Interactive Computing – AI/ML around Us

Minje Kim, Collaborative and Efficient Machine Learning

David Leake, Leveraging Learning from Single Experiences

Saul Blanco, Combinatorial Problems in AI

Michael Ryoo, Convolutional Robot Perception and Action Learning

Selma Sabanovic, Socializing Robots: Addressing Social Factors in the Design of Robots for Everyday Life

Matthew Anderson, HPC Application for Multispectral Facial Recognition

Geoffrey Brown, Ultralight Data Loggers for Songbirds

Memo Dalkilic, Making Big Data Speak

David Crandall, Organizing and Understanding Large-Scale Imagery with Computer Vision

(10 MIN) Alumnus Dong Yu, Better Life through Speech Technologies


11:00AM-11:45AM Beyond Computing Technology

Linda Smith, Learning: Machines, Brains, Children

Bernie Frischer, Virtual Heritage: What is it? Why does it Matter?

Allen Riddell, What To Do with a Million Books

Johan Bollen, Feelings, Nothing more than feelings

Ron Day, Critical Information Theory

Susan Herring, Emergent Trends in Computer-Mediated Communication

Kay Connelly, Technology for Rural America

Nathan Ensmenger, What the Google Manifesto Got Wrong: Gender & Computing in Context

(10 MIN) Suzanne Menzel, Experiencing Research through OurCS: Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science


11:45AM-12:00PM Coffee Break


12:00PM-1:00PM Keynote – General Gene Renuart


1:00PM Lunch

Technical Program Faculty Committee:

Yuzhen Ye, David Crandall, Staša Milojevic, James Glazier, Noriko Hara, Katherine Connelly, and Martina Barnas